MHI, MVI, BL, IL, IPL pumps
Mechanical seals for WILO pumps
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к насосам 3M, CD, CDX, DWO, JEX.

Механические торцевые уплотнения к насосам EBARA
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Mechanical Seals for CR Series Grundfos Pumps
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BS2100 elastomer bellows seal of module type for different operation modes. 

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BS2100, ZYG1, ZYG2 types of bellows seals. 

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Burgmann, John Crane, ASSEAL, Anga, Roten, Pac-Seal, Vulcan mechanical seals.

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Mechanical seal for WILO, GRUNDFOS, EBARA pumps.

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More information about mechanical seals.

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Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is the most advanced and effective packing for the rotating pump shafts.

Mechanical seals are designed to prevent a leakage of the pumped liquids, serious accidents are excluded. Sealing is ensured by the tight fit of two components - rotating and stationary - along the sealing surface.

Qualitative mechanical seal gives noticeable reduction of the power consumption of the pumping facilities and systems.

Friction pair is a crucial factor. Mechanical seals are mostly made of silicon carbide – ceramics, silicon carbide – silicon carbide, other high-quality materials are also used.

Mechanical seal


Mechanical Seals
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  • reliable shaft seal;
  • operating cost savings;
  • installation excludes sealing afterlapping;
  • can be used in different media including aggressive and abrasive medium.

Our managers can choose high-quality mechanical seals identical with those manufactured by Burgmann, John Crane, Roten, ASSEAL, Anga, Vulcan and other companies.

Mechanical seal




BSMG1 (Burgmann MG1, AESSEAL B02, Anga A1) BSMG12 (Burgmann MG12, AESSEAL B012, Vulcan 192) BS2100 (John Crane 2100)




ZY301 (Burgmann BT-AR, AESSEAL B01) BS155 (Burgmann BT-FN, Roten 3, Vulcan 13) ZY560
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Unique rotary shaft seals for different equipment including screw conveyors, mixers and blenders, rotary air locks, dryers, extruders, and size reduction equipment.

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Mechanical Seals
BTS-ENGINEERING offers a wide range of different types of mechanical seals. Our knowledge and experience in sealing technologies gained allow solving the most complex tasks set by our customers. 
Bellows Seals
BTS-ENGINEERING offers bellow seals for pumps and pumping units, in which water, oil products and liquids containing hazardous chemical substances are packing media.
Single Seals
Application: centrifugal water pumps, centrifugal drainage pumps, mixers and other equipment including rotary devices

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